Monday, June 18, 2012

give it away, give it away, give it away NOW!

if you follow me on twitter, you probably know that i spent some time cleaning out my closet late last night and most of the day today. 

if i had a magic wand that could go through everything and pick out the stuff i don't wear often or doesn't fit me anymore, i would have used it in a heartbeat. 

part of my problem is that i'm in the middle of creating categories of clothes:

1. things i am going to wear this summer - including work clothes since i'll be working until i leave for school.
2. winter clothes that i will wear while i'm away so i can pack them now. btw - sweaters are the WORST to pack! so bulky and stupid. i need one of those vacuum systems.
3. winter clothes that i "don't need" while i'm away. this includes all of my work pants - i barely wear pants anyway so why take them to school? i plan on wearing jeggings and leggings my year away.
4. stuff i need to get rid of - aka sell/donate/pass along to other folks. 

that's a lot of categorizing.

now, if i can just find my camera to take pics of the things i won't be wearing anymore:

how would you categorize your stuff if you were going away for a year?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

swagga like mine

i got into grad school!
that's right. yours truly spent some time taking the GRE's and submitted a single application. a few weeks later, there was a surprising email from the school congratulating me on my acceptance. my heart stopped and my brain said to me, "reread that email and make sure it says what you think it says."

and it did.
somehow, i did it.

i mean - i know how i did it. besides busting my ass in school and in my professional career, i had to ensure that i was really ready for something like this. i spent time talking to a lot of people to get a sense of what i'm good at and what i bring to the table. most importantly, i had to build my confidence. i had to know that regardless of the decision, i was ready for anything. and i am.

but honestly, this is how i'm going to spend my year: