Tuesday, June 12, 2012

swagga like mine

i got into grad school!
that's right. yours truly spent some time taking the GRE's and submitted a single application. a few weeks later, there was a surprising email from the school congratulating me on my acceptance. my heart stopped and my brain said to me, "reread that email and make sure it says what you think it says."

and it did.
somehow, i did it.

i mean - i know how i did it. besides busting my ass in school and in my professional career, i had to ensure that i was really ready for something like this. i spent time talking to a lot of people to get a sense of what i'm good at and what i bring to the table. most importantly, i had to build my confidence. i had to know that regardless of the decision, i was ready for anything. and i am.

but honestly, this is how i'm going to spend my year:

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