Friday, July 20, 2012

back to school stuff

my favorite time of year since i was little - back to school shopping! and since i am about to be a poor graduate student, i have picked up a few items for the upcoming year.

1. don't judge but i bought this blazer because i thought it would make me look smart. i love the color, it's thick enough to wear in the fall with sweaters, and the inside print is just so beautiful.

2. saw someone on tumblr post this amazing bag with their initials on it so i went ahead and ordered one (for myself, my mom and my sister). i've been using it all summer to lug around my summer reading, water bottle, lunch and a few other books because i just couldn't wait to use it. it's amazing.

3. i originally bought this dress for my bday and then decided to wear the skirt version i also bought instead. i can't wait for some fancy event up at school where i can wear this dress with some nice heels.

4. PERIOD. so i bought this 18 month, soft shell, large daily planner to help me get my life together while i'm away. i love it.

i think i'm ready for school...maybe?

and just for fun here's a gif i made on my phone of that fantastic universe print dress i bought:

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