Sunday, July 22, 2012

frequently asked...questions!

ever since making the announcement, people have been asking me the same questions about my move to school in the fall. instead of sounding like a broken record, here are all of the FAQ's i remember and the answers below.

1. when do you leave? 
my move in date is august 19th. whether i actually move that day is sorta up in the air but that's the day i am shooting for.

2. are you excited about school? 
hell yea! but i'm also really really really really really really nervous. really nervous. because there's so much unknown in my future, i'm really scared. 

3. follow up question to #2 - why are you so scared? 
this will be my first time EVER leaving ny and it feels weird to start all over in a new place. adjusting is going to be a problem for me...but i hope to be so busy that i don't even notice.

4. where are you living? 
in graduate housing - which is a fancy way of saying "a dorm". because the program is so short, i figured i would make my living and eating (i'm also on a meal plan) while i'm up there easy.

5. how are you paying for school? 
none of your damn business! "throw dem 'bows!" (if you don't know that reference, we are not friends).

6. do you feel ready? yes! at first, i felt really unprepared and nervous about all of the work that's ahead of me. but, as i get closer to heading to school, i realized that i have a lot to offer the program and i'm excited about sharing my own knowledge with my peers!

7. what is your boo going to do? 
this should probably be the #2 question people ask me. after lots of discussions and thinking and advice and more talking, the boo decided that he will stay here in nyc for the year and we'll figure things out after that. if my program had been longer, maybe things would have been different but it's so short that it doesn't seem worth it to disrupt his life.

8. what will you be studying? 
i'm going to be studying...(drum roll please)...learning and teaching at the graduate school of ed. 

9. what are your plans for after school/what do you want to do with your degree? 
this is my LEAST favorite question...i really don't know. i have a few things floating around in this brain of mine but i am also trying to be open to any and all opportunities. i hope to be back in nyc when my time is over though.

10. how do you feel about leaving your job?
i've been at my job since june '05 so leaving is going to be tough. the staff and students are my harlem family and i just can't imagine being away from them. i've learned so much from the organization and everyone associated with it i know i'm ready but i can't imagine not going to harlem everyday to work.  i still have a few weeks until my last day though so i'm trying not to think too much about it.

did i miss any other questions???


  1. can you possibly leave your beautiful niece + nephew?


    seriously, people ask you how you are paying for school?


  2. I actually just died at "throw them bows". Thank you for that one. So proud of you and excited for you!!



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