Monday, September 17, 2012

art in boston

this past weekend, the boo came to visit so i decided it would be the perfect time to check out the os gemeos exhibit at the ica with my good friend. my pics can't do the exhibit justice - the colors, patterns, paintings, was really exciting.

i took more pics but these are my favorites.

we also checked out the art in the rest of the galleries:

i really loved these two sculptures. the one on the left was a hanging sculpture made of fragments from a building fire and the one on the right was in the elevator shaft. 

 i was a total geek for these mirrored chandelier sculptures. they were designed after chandeliers in the metropolitan opera house and look like galaxies. i like art where i can see myself in it.

after roaming around the museum, we also decided to find the os gemeos street art around boston. 
 the size of this was amazingly impressive.

 i had fun walking up to this wall and touching the art.

i wish i could paint like os gemeos. love.

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