Thursday, September 6, 2012

and so it has begun

that's right, ladies and gentlemen - the school year has officially started! you're looking at a lady who stepped foot into a classroom after being out of school for (GASP) 8 years. i worry that i won't be able to keep up, that the readings won't make any sense, that my writing will suck. and then i remember. i got into this place. i think i'll be fine.

i am taking the awesomest classes (more about that later), meeting really amazing people, and feeling inspired by all of my professors already. sometimes i wonder, "is this really my life now?"

but i have to admit that i am missing home more than i ever imagined. leaving the place that has been my home for my entire life has really turned life upside down. sometimes i wonder:
how did i ever make it in ny?
how did i ever make friends!?
how did i ever discovere the bars that i love and the restaurants i will never find anywhere else?
is that all going to be possible here?
i know that this may seem extreme since this experience will only be for 9 months, but it really has me thinking...all of the ny transplants - i salute you! it certainly can't be easy to make a new life in a huge city like ny! gives me hope that my new life will be just as rewarding and that i will learn more about this city in the 9 months that i will be here than any other city.

i might possibly be rambling right now. i've been waking up way before my alarm goes off for no apparent reason. if anyone knows how to stop that from happening, i am all ears.

and just to prove that i am still alive and kicking here in boston, that pic above is for you!

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