Friday, January 4, 2013

school update

i get a TON of questions about school and i am always unsure of how to answer them. i typically like to be honest with my answers but i also don't want people to think that i am ungrateful for this opportunity that i have been granted. don't get me wrong - i feel fortunate and lucky for this experience.

so here are the answers to those questions i get so often in no particular order:

how's school? it's good. i am enjoying the classes, for the most part, and have learned some interesting things. are there classes i wish i hadn't taken? hell yes. but i just need to remember it's one year of my life so whatever classes i am taking, i need to accept.

is harvard hard? look, are all elite schools hard? not always. yes, there is a buttload of reading and writing i need to do all of the time but, i am convinced, that the only way to fail a class here is to not do a damn thing. as long as you're keeping up with the reading and writing, it's fine.

how do you like boston? HATED IT (cue men on film). boston is the worst place. it's cold, grey all the time, confusing. i miss ny and boston will never ever be home.

are you really smart? this is such a silly question. i'm probably as smart as the next guy so i can't go around bragging about my smarts. yes, there is a level of smartness and skill that goes into being admitted to a place like harvard BUT it's not rocket science. it takes a well-written essay, great references and some luck.

so i leave you off here - with pics from instagram of the times when i was working damn hard on something at school. arg.

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