Thursday, January 31, 2013


this is my woosah face.

the first week of my 2nd (and last) semester is done for me and i am already looking at my schedule and thinking, "what the hell was i thinking?!?" last semester was a great success and i was able to juggle all 4 of my classes, but this semester i decided to take 2 modules (half semester classes), 2 full semester classes and an independent study. because...well, when graduate school is only for a year and every class sounds amazing and you want to work with many different professors, you make it work. 

some pluses about my classes:
the readings are all amazing. so what if i have to read entire books and articles every single week? they are definitely interesting.
i'm in a writing workshop class where i get to write personal essays. this has me thinking i want to write a whole book of personal essays.
my professors are all amazing. i feel like i am in the presence of superstars and i'm hoping their awesomeness rubs off on me.
my friends are in my classes! and they are the smartest people i know here so you can only imagine how amazing my study groups are.
i only have class on tuesdays and wednesdays. but that doesn't mean i slack off the rest of the week. looking for a job after this place, meetings, reading and writing takes over. it's intense.


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