Tuesday, August 21, 2012

cribs edition

i have been in cambridge for 3 days now (i can count the hours but figured that would be pretty extra) which means that i have had time to unpack, go food shopping, set up my space, meet up with 2 of my friends here, and spend some time walking around the neighborhood. i think i have a fear of getting lost or looking like a tourist though so i am sticking to the routes i currently know. 

i had some requests on twitter for some pics of my new abode, aka - the 9x9 living quarters. although i think my room might be a tiny bit larger than that...and when i mean tiny, we're talking inches. it's hard to take pics of a space that's kinda tight but i tried my damn hardest.

a pic last night of the dresser area and then this AM:

what's on top of my dresser

my studying area:
 the bro-in-law decided i need a monitor to watch movies/tv off of my computer but on a larger screen. he's so sweet.

where the magic happens:
 the piece on the wall is a cambodian sarong that was gifted to me by my coworker. it's beautiful. 
and yes i have 3 damn patterns going on in my room. deal with it. (if you have a suggestion for a better spot for the sarong, leave it in the comments section).

 my closet. it's packed in there:
 those shelves are a gift from god! threw some sweaters in there, some shoes. it worked out well.

my windowsill and then my bookshelf area:
the bookshelf is really my pantry shelf since it's next to my fridge.

and me by my desk pretending to be studious:

i have a few days before stuff really jumps off so i'll be here...in my room...on the computer...well, not really. i'm trying to meet up with some classmates and hang out with my 2 friends. everyone knows someone who knows someone who lives out here so hook it up! i'm looking for folks to hang out with.

xoxo from cambridge!

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  1. the room isn't as small as i thought it would be. although i'm still convinced that there are prison cells larger than this!



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