Saturday, August 25, 2012

SMART goals

my thinking journal.

my good friend asked me to make some SMART goals for myself before the official school year starts, so i took the time this week to put something together. i thought i would share these goals on my blog as a way to stay accountable to them. here they are:

academic - can't i just say, "kick ass?!?" ok, seriously, i am going to try and develop study groups for at least half of the courses i am taking each semester in order to help me academically. i am also going to utilize all resources that are available to me in order to help me with school (you have to remember i went to pratt and going to the library and the writing center are super foreign to me). that includes a writing workshop i signed up for already, a reading workshop i plan on doing next week, a workshop on utilizing your ipad for school, etc.

social - accept invitations that are extended to me during the month of september (but think twice about accepting one that costs $$). after september, accept 50% of the invitations that are extended to me. invitations exclude anyone who might ask me out on a date!

networking - join at least 2 student groups during the school year. especially ones that are connected to professors that i am interested in getting to know. at least one of the student groups must be about diversity.

i'm adding this piece that i heard at the student of color orientation as well:

"find my voice. quickly. share."


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